Coming Next

Here are some titles you can look forward to:

Chubbs and the Finger of Death
Chubbs was a happy puppy who had everything. But it didn’t start out that way.

He knew that puppies born good had a good life and puppies born bad had a bad life. Meeting the finger of death changed all that.

Garbage Monster
Wade thinks a monster took their garbage. He’s willing to skip his nap to find out.

Can Zach dream up the ultimate ruckus?

The Book Eater
Susan absolutely devours books. Princess Millie is not amused.

Shady Shark Smiles
Not all sharks are scary. But Shady’s big toothy grin doesn’t get the reaction he hoped for.

Tommy Tombstone
The Martins were an average modern-day family. Everyone in the family knew they were average. Everyone except Tommy. How could he be average when he knew he lived in the wild west?

Chaos in the Bath
Cats are supposed to be afraid of water, but Chaos was a kitten who didn’t know that.

A Puppy’s Guide to Boys
Taking care of a puppy is a big responsibility. Chubbs explains to other puppies how to train their little boy to do it right.

The Bird Watchers
Humans are fascinating. But as Austin and Martin watch from the treetop they don’t always agree on what humans are doing.