Precious Son

At first glance into your eyes, I knew it was true.
My life had now changed, it was all about you.
In the waiting room chair as I started to fade.
Thoughts of you and me; and of memories made.

With tiny sneakers, teaching big and little loop.
Up on my shoulders to put the ball in the hoop.
You take first steps, me with camera in hand.
Playing at the shore, making castles in the sand.
Without training wheels I am holding you steady.
For your talk on the school we work to get ready.
From first bike to dirt bike, I stay by your side.
In the dark we take turns, to seek and then hide.
By gently kissing your knee, I make it all right.
We say our prayers and then I tuck you in tight.

I wake with a smile, thinking of these things.
This is part of the joy that a precious son brings.

By Terry Wilson 2/19/2007