Daughter and Dad

A Small book of Poems for Syletta

My daughter and I have been writing since she was young. We would always share our work with each other and talk about ideas for new poems and songs. This book of poems is a trip down memory lane for me. Much of what comprises the subjects for our poems is the thoughts of the day. Many of them come strait from our own feelings at the time. Others, though are built from how we imagine our close friends felt as they went through some difficult things or at some particularly happy time in there life. Our hope is that as you read our work you reflect, not on our life, but on some precious experiences of your own. Perhaps seeing them through our eyes will give you a new perspective. Or maybe you will just sit back in your chair, fold your hands behind your head and look up and smile as you are reminded of some treasured memories.

We hope that you enjoy reading our poems. If you by chance know us, you may well find that you will come to know us better though our rhymes. I am posting a couple of my favorites for you to read. Here are ‘Precious Son’ and ‘Daughter and Dad’.